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Official 2020 Zozobra Poster

The 2020 Zozobra Poster was designed by Joshua Gonzáles. Joshua’s design captures Zozobra perfectly and his backstory tells why:

“As far back as I can remember my sister and I would build our own “Zazobra” to burn for our parents, grandparents, and cousins in La Cienega.

I thought the poster artwork was amazing and my family would gift one to me on an annual basis. I was already deeply invested in creating my artwork and those posters gave me the essential inspiration growing up. After graduating from Capital High School in 1998 I moved to the Bay Area to attend Notre Dame de Namur University where I earned my BA in Art & Graphic Design.

After honing my style in California, I moved back to Santa Fe in 2014. The past few years I had seen the call for artists to submit artwork. I had wanted to submit something for a while and was finally motivated because of the 1980’s theme. My fascination with Zozobra was ignited during that decade, so how special was this?! It is with extreme gratitude and excitement that my piece was selected as the Official 2020 Zozobra Poster.”

Find Joshua on Instagram at @JoshuaG and see his work on his website at  and be sure to download the RealityX2 animation app that brings Joshua’s poster to life.